Application form: Refresh course for security guards, Gas spray course, Supplementary training in the use of force

ÅUF organises a Refresh course for security guard on 14.9.2019 at 10-17 (8h) AND a Gas spray course on 15.9.2019 at 9-14 (5h) AND a Supplementary training in the use of force on 15.9.2019 at 14-19:30 (6h) in SFV's meeting room (Tavastgatan 30 D 33-34, 20700 Turku). The courses will be held by Mikael Gebala, which received very good feed-back from previous related events. The refresh course consists of 8 teaching hours of 45 minutes, the OC spray course is of 5 teaching hours of 45 minutes and the supplementary training in the use of force is of 6 teaching hours of 45 minutes.

The refresh course for security guards costs 60 euro for association members of ÅUF. The fee for non-members is 75 euros. The price includes tuition, exams and compendium, but the police charge a fee of 48 euros for approval as a security guard.

Gas/OC-spray course costs 70 euro for association members and 85 euro for other interested parties. NEW! Priority for those who have passed the ÅUF's supplementary education in the use of force this spring! The price includes tuition, exams and compendium, but the police charge a fee of € 38 for changing approval as a security guard (including the new security guard card) and € 35 for the permission to use gas sprays. If you take the rehearsal and spray courses and renew the card after both courses have been completed, you pay 48 euros for the new card.

Supplementary training for security guards in the use of force costs 100 € for all participants. The course is necessary to officially obtain the skills and qualifications to use OC spray.

If you wish to have more information on the courses please write an email to, or call 044 3077 407.

Please note that we will need your contact information to notify you about the course and also to use it for billing, if you pay for your participation (partially or completely).

In SFV's meeting room there is a small kitchen with hotplate, we advise our participants to take a cold lunch or eat at any nearby restaurant. Please inform us in case of any food allergies / diets, so we know what is suitable as a snack for coffee / tea.

The courses are organized with the support of the Svenska Folkskolans Vänner.

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