School Start 2019 Event in Kimito

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Kansli ÅUF
23.08.2019 hrs 12:05

Hello and welcome to ÅUF


In the photo you can see (from left to right):

Mecki Ruokolahti (Theater Teacher ÅTS), Nelli Salonen (Producer), Linda Åkerlund (Program Manager ÅTS), Nicole Mattsson (Activities Coordinator) and Tove Salovaara (CEO).

Now you can visit us in our new office at Duvstigen 2, 21600 Pargas (the same building as Sports Gym). Private entrance on the left side of the building. We also help you as usual by e-mail and telephone and we can meet in person also  by appointment.

Tove: +35845 895 7353 tove.lipponen(at)

Nicole: +35844 3077 407 nicole.mattsson(at)

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