Spring Tour 2019

Spring tour 2019 is a "Meal Tour" - Sustainable on the plate even after dinner, with ÅUF and Ungmartha!

ÅUF's traditional Meal Tour visits eight association houses in Åboland during the period from 16.2 to 28.4.2019. This year, the theme is snack and sustainability.

At the workshop, the participants will prepare different snacks with local raw materials and learn about an ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

What raw materials should I choose and what do we do with what is left over? Under the guidance of Caroline Lövkvist and Hannah Kongari from Ungmartha, you will receive answers to this and much more. The workshop is aimed at low-level students and lasts four hours. The participants receive their own apron as well as their own cooking booklet.

The tour will visit the following places:

Sat 16.2 at 12-16 Dalaskog, Pargas. In collaboration with De ungas vänner på Ålön.
Sun 17.2 at 12-16 Ljungborg, Kimito. In collaboration with Pederså UF.
Sun 3.3 at 12-16 Barakken, Pargas. In collaboration with Skräbböle UF.
Sat 9.3 at 12-16 Furulund, Dragsfjärd. In collaboration with Dragsfjärds UF.
Sun 10.3 at 12-16 Gjallarhorn, Korpo. In collaboration with Korpo UF.
Sat 13.4 at 11-15 Skolhuset, Iniö. In collaboration with Iniö UF.
Sun 28.4 at 12-16 Vesterlid, Houtskär. In collaboration with Houtskärs UF.

Applications are received from 1.2.2019 up to one week before each workshop via the form below. Each workshop will have a maximum of twelve participants and a minimum of six participants in order to take place.

Participation fee:
The participation fee is 10 €/workshop and includes the cost for the ingredients and the insurance.

More info:
Do you have more questions? Contact Nicole Mattsson at nicole.mattsson@auf.fi or 044 3077407!

Målturnén is financed by SFV Bildning, Svenska Kulturfonden, Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds Minne and Föreningen Konstsamfundet.



This is an electronic registration form for participation in tha Meal Tour workshop 2019. The workshop is aimed at children in the low school. The workshops are organized by the ÅUF in collaboration with Ungmartha and the local youth associations. The participant fee (10 €) is invoiced after the workshop.
I register for the following workshop:
The guardian / participant gives his / her consent to the pictures from the workshop where the participant is seen to be published in the following places (NOTE! The participant's name is NOT published in connection with the pictures)
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