ÅUF's courses

The association organises different types of courses and training according to the needs of the association or when there are, for example, legal or fiscal changes that greatly affect the association's activities. The courses are open but are primarily directed to the member associations.


Security guard courses

Åbolands Ungdomsförbund arranges security guard courses according to the requests of the member associations. If you, in your member association, need a security guard; if there is someone who wants to become a security guard or need to renew their card or borrow security guard vests, you can contact the office by email (auf@auf.fi) or telephone 045 895 7353.


ÅUF's courses follow the Ministry of the Interior's course program, which is required to grant a security guard card. A security guard is approved for a maximum of 5 years at a time by the police office in the security guard's place of residence. The card gives the right to act as security guard at various gatherings and can, after having completed the course, be obtained with an appointment to the police at www.poliisi.fi/ajanvaraus. The process for obtaining the card can take up to one month. In urgent cases a copy of the police decision on the approval of the security guard can also be used before the card is issued. A person who is approved as a security guard receives a security guard card which must always be shown during service.